Thursday, May 27, 2010

Healthy Blogging

Again I’ll try to blog, I did have this one before but Word turned against me and just I finished my blogging a pop-up window told me Word was going to shut off because of a fatal error *glares at Word* so all my work was gone … so now here I am, cursing Word and trying … again *glares harder* to do it. 

 These past months I’ve been suffering with a horrible (and mean) pain on my back, it doesn’t let me sleep, eat, think properly, do my job (and update hehehe); it’s a killer pain!  I have been going to the doctor (more than I would want to) to finally get what I want … but what do I want?  Well, basically my breast it is too big and heavy for my body, that’s producing lots of pain on my back, neck and waist; also it causes other problems like me looking fatter that I really am and the almost impossible mission of finding the right clothes that suits me (not entering into the bra field cause that is impossible to find!).  So here in Colombia we have a medical services provider (I think is like social security in some countries) that deducts an amount of our paychecks (if you don’t work you still have to pay for it or show that you have no way of paying it and they’ll cover it for you until you can) and gives you access to medical attention (it is supposed but sometimes not true), anyway, these medical providers give you drugs, medical attention, everything you need but they don’t do cosmetic surgery.  My surgery is not catalogues cosmetic but as some people do reduce their breast because a cosmetic and esthetic issue I have to demonstrate that I am trying to get it done because it is really affecting my health.

So, in order to have my damn surgery done I am willing to jump into the “loss weight” wave that’s going on with the cool kids and set my goal; My weight is now 75Kls (but I do have a lot of weight on my breast that should be deducted…) my goal is to lose 10 kls in the fastest way I can.  This means bye bye to delicious yummy fast yunky food like hot dogs, pizzas, hamburgers, milkshakes, chocolate, fried chicken, fat and all those food that smell so darn good but you know it ain’t healthy at all; also bye bye coffee, alcohol and hello veggies, fruits, oat meal, light cereal and my worst fear … EXCERSICE!  Yes exercise, for years I have been avoiding it but I am now convinced that I will have to make my peace with it and try it, all for a good cause I will do aerobics, cardio and ABS …and then I will full fit my true desire: having the most beautiful boobs you can imagine ... oh yeah, also no more pain *winks*  I have been against the skinny-is-good wave that has made some people go to through eating disorders to get a what fashion sells as cool and sexy;  I love my curvy body, and I am sure men do like it too *giggles* but I can lose a few pounds without suffering of starving and staying in the healthy line.

From this day I’ll carefully watch (and measure) what I eat and I will firmly promise that I would do more physical activity (I really hated gym class at school so this is a nightmare for me), big sacrifices I will make to stay fit and have a rockin’ smokin’ hot body YAY!!! And no more pain … So any suggestion is welcome or if you do know a good diet please share!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Prince Charming where are you???

I grew up being a normal girl, you know the one that dreams with the perfect guy and perfect life … I still don’t get it, I was born innocently until I was submit and introduced to fairy tales, novels and here in my country “Soap Operas”; So I was a Little girl who was bombarded with all those cheesy stories about “perfect love”.  These cheesy stories have always the same plot, the poor girl (sometimes she can be sick, blind, on a wheelchair, deaf …) but no matter how miserable you think she is it’s not true, she’s happy and independent, contrary of what you may think due to her condition;  anyway, this “poor little girl” meets a wealthy, young, really hot, man and they fall in love against everybody’s wishes (family, friends, people from the place they live) and of course there’s the “evil woman” (usually an aunt that wants the money or an exgirlfriend that also wants the fortune, or sometime both) that always try to tear them apart, and sometimes she succeeds but they will get back together at the end … also it is revealed that the poor girl is the real heiress of the fortune and that the hot, young, man was adopted because the girl was born ill or just because her father wanted a boy (yeah, no ultrasounds to cheek on the baby’s sex!).  Anyway, at the end, after we suffer so much with all the things the girl and the hot man have been put through, she’s no longer sick and they get married … that’s always the ending: the big beautiful wedding.
Pretty much the same of all the stories, princesses and maids get married to the fantastic prince defeating the hag, witch, evil queen that doesn’t want them to be together… Again you must be thinking, so what?  What’s the point of all that ramble?  Well, I think we, women, have been brainwashed with all those stories to make us “live and dream to find love” and of course give us a twisted version of what love means (totally opposite to what men think).  So for us woman, we dig and search for the one true love, from a very young age we have awful crush and always dream about being Mrs. XXXXX (the name of the boy or artist we fancy at that time) and we feel like the world is ending the moment we face rejection, breakups, artist getting married (sometimes it gets really bad and can transform a normal girl into an obsessed one that can commit any kind of stuff) but fortunately most of the time we patch up our heart together cause we always have hopes that the real true love will come and that our prince charming will arrive riding a beautiful horse (or motorcycle, car.. whatever, the point is to have a vehicle).
Those stories don’t teach us how to deal with true life, cause prince charming? He left the planet years ago and we’re stuck with normal men!  They can be good sometimes, they can be bad but they’re normal, plain guys; nothing special, they fancy sports, hate shopping, think that most of the things we like them to do will make them look gay, like action movies (even though they secretly love romance ones), look at the girl that have nice boobs (legs, hair…) without implying that they don’t love us, burp, fart, scratch their balls (I hate that habit!), have trashy mouth and drool over a beer, put work above our needs and don’t understand our feelings at all!.  Yes, you can find a man with all that or with some of that but you won’t find one that doesn’t have any of all the things I mentioned … and we will always be annoyed at things they do because in our minds we’re still wanting that prince that will take us to his castle and treats us like queens (meaning, no cleaning, cooking, ironing, doing dishes … no house chores!)
No matter how independent you are, successful woman, perfect mom, poor, rich, young, old, married, divorced, single ... we all want our prince charming (or in cases our hot mojo!), the one that will melt us with a kiss that will make us feel we’re dancing in the clouds.  So I’m tired of waiting for my prince charming to come and I am pretty sure that I will have to settle down for a plain normal guy dreaming about changing him into my dreamy one and you know what … I blame Disney for that!!!!