Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I made a horrible, horrible mistake and now I don’t know how to solve the issues I have to deal because of it … Last weekend (long weekend as Monday was a holiday) we went to the movies and I decided to let my dear niece (not so dear now) chose the movie; bad decision … don’t you EVER let a former airhead teenager made such an important decision … Guess what did she choose?
Yeap, I’m now severely traumatized … we watched ECLIPSE! The entire movie I was hoping that a strange hooded man popped behind me and ended with my suffering slitting my throat but you all can see that I’m writing about it so it didn’t happen. 


When the word “VAMPIRE” comes to my mind an image of the most seductive, lethal and sexy creature immediately comes in (or should I say came?). For ages Vampires have starred the most dark and evil stories; those cold-hearted sexy creatures that can dominate us only by the look on their eyes and make us sex-slaves and if you’re not lucky enough just dead people. I must admit that I’ve always desired to become one (since I was a kid), is one of my biggest fantasies, being sexy and powerful is really seductive. I have seen so many kinds of Vampires, silly, sexy, evil, confused, loveable but never, EVER, like the Cullens.
There’s so many history and folklore revolving around Vampires, I find that so interesting, I could read and watch every story, documental or book about them and still feel like there can be more and more to understand and learn … well that was before I discover how a writer could massacre my most beloved fantasy.


As I am a woman I am going to stick on the male image I have (giggles). Deep dark or light eyes (I really like the gray ones) long dark hair with a sexy body, beautiful face where you can see they’re up to no good but still are fascinated and curious about them and that sexy evil smile that comes from those I-want-to-kiss lips that hide their fangs … those amazing fangs that can take you to glory or hell. Elegant, good taste in clothing, pale skinned and the most important thing, mystery surround them, they’re a puzzle that you can never solve but still want to try.
I can’t count the times I have dreamt about having a romance with a Vampire, of course is not a hold my hand and small kisses romance … a Vampiric romance has to have some violence and forbidden stuff I am not going to tell here (coughs)


Now, this “Twilight – movement” has pictured Vampires as: Dorks, idiots, really common people. There’s nothing interesting about them just the fact that the Author tries to let us know that everybody is fascinated by them just because of their looks … what when it comes to the description of their looks there’s nothing that will make the stand. Let’s take Edward as an example (I am really sorry for the Pattison’s fans), Messy hair, golden eyes, pale skin, no elegance AT ALL, bad taste at clothing … seriously he dresses as a regular boy and what’s all that stupid thing about sparkly skin when they come out in the sun … I mean SERIOUSLY?!?! And the most pathetic thing is that this so-called-vampire is having a stupid “crush” on the most plain girl and they do nothing but hold hands and kiss … how is that possible when we all know that vampires are the most seductive creatures and they can do whatever they want with their prey (sexual prey too *snorts*) I still don’t understand what’s the fuss on the twilight saga; I find it degrading, emo-like and giving the youngsters the wrong idea about the meaning of love.

I think I am now doomed to be an old lady surrounded by cats with no fantasies at all … thank you so much Miss Meyer for ruining Vampires for me … I really don’t think I can come out now of this trauma … at least when I’m sober.


  1. There should definitely be a 'like' button on here. As in I like (LOVE) your post, mind you, and not that I like Twilight. Can't bloody stand it. *shudders* I love your take on vampires, Ana, and I agree with everything you say. *nods*